CEDIMA presents

Dry cutting floor saw CF-1010 T

The compact CEDIMA dry-cut joint cutter CF-1010 T was specially developed for fast cutting of connection and expansion joints in asphalt or green concrete.

The machine is also used for repairing asphalt roadways or laying induction loops at traffic lights. The main advantage, there is no need to carry additional cooling water for cutting the joints. The resulting cutting slurry is filtered out and collected by the powerful extraction system with 2 cyclone separators and can then be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. This ensures fast construction processing, as time-consuming work such as collecting the cutting slurry and drying the joint before grouting is no longer necessary. Immediately after the joint has been cut, it can be chamfered, brushed out and then grouted, also in a dry cut. The joint cutter CF-1010 T was able to demonstrate its capabilities on the construction site of a logistics hall in Hannover-Kronsberg. On the site, the company Possehl from Celle produced the connecting joints on a total length of 440 meters on the roadways. For cutting this 10 mm wide joint, the cutting shaft of the joint cutter was equipped with 3 dry cutting blades with a diameter of 350 mm. During the production of the 50 mm deep joint, at a feed rate of approx. 3 m/min, all the material to be cut could be picked up directly via the suction system of the CF-1010 T. All further subsequent work could then be carried out without any further time delay.

In addition to the powerful dust suction, the CF-1010 T has some excellent features that make the daily work with this machine more efficient and user-friendly.

The blade guard can be raised for easier machine setup, automatic cutting depth measurement is standard, and the value is shown on a modern color display. Feed and cutting depth adjustment are hydraulic, and a robust belt drive provides the cutting shaft drive. Extra-large drive wheels ensure a smooth feed even on uneven surfaces. When the joystick for controlling the travel drive is in the zero position, the hydraulic, fail-safe and maintenance-free parking brake engages and prevents the machine from rolling away unintentionally. The large collection container for the extracted material is located at optimum handle height and can be removed and emptied with little effort. A low center of gravity shifted over the front wheels ensures sufficient cutting pressure and facilitates setting up the machine, as it can be lifted out and maneuvered with little effort. Additional support is provided by the height-adjustable handles, which are always in an ergonomically good position at 90 degrees to the rear wall of the machine. A central crane eye makes moving or loading the machine with lifting equipment particularly easy. Clearly arranged controls, intuitive operation, a powerful gasoline engine and compact dimensions make the new CEDIMA CF-1010 T the innovative dry joint cutter - user-friendly, environmentally friendly and equipped for the highest daily outputs.