Floor Saw CF-1020.1 B


The CF-1020.1 B achieves an enormous cutting depth of 200 mm and is ideal for use in renovations and light work in landscaping or road construction. Therefore, it fits perfectly into the portfolio of rental parks for construction machinery. It impresses with its very compact and transport-friendly dimensions. The extremely low installation position of the drive motor shifts the center of gravity of the machine sharply downwards. Thanks to the swivel arm principle, the drive motor remains in its low installation position when the saw blade is lifted. This achieves a particularly high level of tilt resistance and guarantees simple and easy cutting.

Features & Characteristics

  • Powerful Honda petrol engine with cyclone air filter and oil shortage switch
  • High tilt resistance due to low centre of gravity and maximum track width
  • Constant cutting shaft pressure at all cutting depths thanks to the swivel arm principle
  • 22 litre water water tank with large filling opening
  • Water tank can be swivelled sideways to fill the machine with fuel
  • Crane eye

Technical specifications

  • Max. cutting depth:

    200 mm

  • max. Saw Blade Ø:

    500 mm

  • min. Saw Blade Ø:

    350 mm

  • Bore hole of blade:

    25.4 mm

  • Blade mounting:

    right or left

  • Max. mounting width:

    20 mm

  • Max. motor output:

    8.7 kW / 11.8 hp

  • net. motor output:

    8.7 kW

  • Motor type:


  • Motor designation:

    Honda GX-390

  • Motor starter:

    Reversing Start

  • Cutting depth adjustment:


  • Feed:


  • Water tank content:

    22 l

  • Dimensions L/W/H (transport):

    1290 / 570 / 1050 mm

  • Weight:

    121 kg