Terms of warranty

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1. Complaints must be submitted without delay, however, within 14 days following the arrival of the device at the latest. If this deadline has expired, or if the device complained about is put into operation and used for work, then the device complained about shall be considered accepted and therefore free of faults. Hidden defects must be reported in writing immediately after being discovered, however at the latest within 6 months of the receipt of the device.

2. We guarantee the agreed usability of the device delivered by us for a period of 12 months, the term beginning on the day the device arrives with the buyer, irrespective of this, our obligation shall be considered as fulfilled, as soon as the goods are despatched from our works/warehouse. In no case do we assume a producers‘ guarantee. The mandatory regulations of the law for product liability remain untouched.

3. Wearing parts are subject to a limited warranty. Wearing parts are parts subject to operation-related wear during proper use of the device. The rate of wear cannot be uniformly defined and differs according to the intensity of use. The wearing parts must be adjusted, maintained and, if necessary, replaced for the specific device in accordance with the manufacturer‘s operating manual. Operation-related wear is not a reason for claims to defects. Wearing parts for the construction devices such as core drilling and sawing machines and special machinery as well as related general assemblies (if available):

  • Feed and drive elements such as toothed racks, gear wheels, pinions, spindles, spindle nuts, spindle bearings, wires, chains, sprockets, belts
  • Guiding elements such as guide rails, guide bushings, guide tracks, guide rails, pulleys, bearings, anti-skid mats
  • Parts of the reversing starter such as the starting rope, starting pawl, starting roller and return spring
  • Clamping elements for quick release systems
  • Flushing head seals
  • Slide and roller bearings that do not run in an oil bath
  • Shaft oil seals and sealing elements
  • Friction and safety clutches, braking devices
  • Carbon brushes, collectors/ armatures
  • Consumable operating materials
  • Easy-release rings
  • Control potentiometers and manual switching elements
  • Fuses and lamps
  • Securing elements such as dowels, anchors and screws
  • Bowden cables
  • Commutators
  • Diaphragms
  • Spark plugs, glow plugs
  • Energy storage devices
  • Sealing brushes, rubber seals, splash protection cloths
  • Filters of all kinds
  • Drive and guide wheels/pulleys and associated rubber tyres
  • Cable wire protection elements
  • Drive and travel wheels
  • Water pumps
  • Cut-material transport rollers
  • Drilling, separating and cutting tools

4. In case of a justified complaint, we can choose to repair the device and/or to provide a replacement against return of the device. Replaced parts or devices become our property.

5. A complaint has to be filed in writing, stating machine number, invoice number and date.

6. Improvements shall always be carried out at the delivery plant. Repair work requested by the buyer to be carried out on his or a third party‘s premises, needs prior consent by us. The resulting costs of the mechanic and any other assistants are borne by the buyer. The warranty expires, if the customer or any other, unauthorized person, interfere with the purchased device.

7. If the replacement of assemblies or components by the buyer of others has been expressly arranged with us, any possible recognition of the warranty case cannot be given by us until after the defective parts have been returned to us and inspected by us.

8. According to the statutory regulations the buyer is only entitled to cancel a contract, if we refuse improvements or the supply of replacements acc. to fig. 4 even though a defect has been proven, or a deadline that we have been given has elapsed unfulfilled. If only a minor defect has occured, the buyer is merely entitled to an abatement of the purchase price, which in any other case is excluded. We are not liable for compensation on account of a defect or damages subsequent to a defect, unless these occur on account of an intention of a negligence whick we are responsible for.

9. No guarantee is assumed for damages that have arisen of the following reasons:

a) faulty installation,
b) improper use or overstressing,
c) permanent overload, leading to damages to coils or the windings of armatures,
d) extraneous causes, e.g. transport damages, climatic influences or other natural phenomena,
e) use of integral or accessory parts that are not suitable/adjusted to our devices.

10. If there is reason for complaint about a diamond tool(s), this tool(s) must be removed from the machine immediately! To protect your interest and to conduct a proper inspection, a segment height of at least 20 % (of height in new condition) is required. Failure to observe this will lead to any claims to replacement that you may have being avoided!!

11. If warranty claims are satisfi ed by us, then this neither extends the warranty period nor does it begin a new warranty period for the device. The warranty period for installed spare parts shall end no sooner or later than the warranty period for the device.

12. Otherwise, our complete terms of sale and delivery apply.